When Do You Need Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is often necessary to eliminate the buildup of allergens and dust. The fibers in the carpet act as filters, trapping dust and allergens which become airborne when you walk on the carpet. Only a professional cleaning can remove these allergens. Frequent cleanings will reduce the frequency of allergy symptoms. It’s important to schedule your carpet cleaning in advance to make sure the cleaning team will arrive on time. Make sure to mention any stains or odors on your carpet when you book an appointment. Also, make sure you have ample parking for the cleaning crew. In urban areas, try to offer parking tips to make the process easier for the team. Clear the pathway from the door to the room.

Every six to twelve months, you should get your carpet cleaned. It is because the soil and odor that clings to the carpet fibers can become hard to remove. Also, your carpet can trap dust, pollen, and bacteria that enter the air. Professional carpet cleaning will remove these allergens and help keep your air fresh. Grease-removing dish soap dissolved in warm water is a common home cleaning solution. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and blot the greasy area with a white cloth or paper towel. This solution should work well on greasy spills, but you may need to repeat the treatment several times before the stain is gone.

Regular cleanings can prevent stains from forming and remove soiling from your carpet. Pet feces, urine, and vomit can make your carpet look dirty and smell foul. Unless you have a cleaning solution that meets SOA standards, it may work better than you think. It’s better to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and purchase SOA-certified products to ensure their effectiveness in cleaning. Whether your carpet is new or old, it’s essential to keep it clean. Regular cleaning is vital to preserving your investment. But be careful, though: don’t over-clean it. Over-scrubbing will damage your carpet and make it more difficult to clean. It can even attract more dirt. The best way to maintain your carpet is to steam clean it regularly. The process involves injecting the cleaning solution into the fibers and extracting it. Hot water and steam penetrate the fibers, removing embedded soil, dust, and greasy deposits. Experts recommend a deep cleaning every six months for a four-person household.

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